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What a difference a year makes!
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Hello old friend
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Hello old friend...
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My Blog

The Sun Has Got its Hat On.......

My Blog

The sun has got its hat on hip hip hip hooray!!

Well this is my very first "Blog" on my new website exciting times!!

I hope to put on here all kinds of things from quotes to whats happening in my studio.
Giving people a tiny glimpse in to my world of millinery and design!

I will also be showing snippits of designs in progress by posting photos as they evolve so please keep watching!
The Hat & Dress Agency are starting to take shape with clients bringing in some lovely pieces including silk outfits & some original Karen Reid Designs fascintors.
Though trying to get some of my designs back has been proving difficult as clients have loved their pieces so much that they wont part with them!

Other news is that the new Hawick Lass Heather has been across deciding on her designs, im really looking forward to designing this years hats & fascinators for the Common Riding.

Iv also been playing about with new designs from using lego to plastic cutlery!! yes honestly i haven't lost my marbles!! i'm just really getting excited about trying out new things and seeing how i can incorporate things into wearable headwear. I promise if they work out that i will post photographs !

Remember we will also be at the George & Abbotsford in Melrose on Sunday the 3rd of  March
at their very first wedding showcase, so why not come along and see me and my work, im hoping to do a small demo.

I hope everyone likes my new website too

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