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Hello old friend...
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Yesterday saw us at Kelso Races Ladies day! we had a great time the weather was kind and there was a great crowd.
It was also lovely to see women in their finery and adorning some beautiful hats and fascinators!!
I spotted quite a few of my creations adorning peoples heads which was a great ego boost for me. I was constantly people watching checking out what women were wearing.
I must admit though i was a little dissapointed as a lot of women werent dressed up but had chosen to come in casual wear. I had expected to see a lot more women dressed up for the occasion but it seemed to be that anything goes!!
My husband and i were with great people whom we now consider  to be our great friends and had 2 tables in the Marquee, we had a lovely lunch and drink flowed freely! We had lots of laughs and fun tyring to bet on the horses- much to the disappointment of my husband who never seemed to back the right horse!
But we did have a couple of winners which is always good, though the day was about relaxing and getting a chance to dress up, both of which i rarely get to do!
The bonus was that 2 of our friends Elaine and Margaret - who were both wearing fascinators made by me, were chosen for the finals of "best dressed lady" and "best dressed couple" it was a great feeling seeing my creations in the winning enclosure and hope fully i will have some photos of the day to share soon!!
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