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Hello old friend
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Hello old friend...
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Hello old friend...

Hello old friend

`There is nothing better than a friend, unless its a friend with chocolate!`

Well its been a while so I thought I had better add a few words! 

The move to Kelso has been a good one so far. Things are busier than ever with new clients coming in every day. Its also good to see clients returning I worried that I might have lost them in the move but I need'nt have.

 Its lovely to catch up with previous clients, see photos of the events they attended and generally chat about what they have been up to since our last meeting. These clients are like friends to me, they tell me things that sometimes only friends would get to hear and i feel truly honored that they confide in me.

I think I may have to start making cups of tea and coffee as we sometimes get so engrossed in all that's happened that placing their order almost becomes forgotten, almost but not quite!!
 I must admit that I enjoy hearing all their news, the sad, the happy and the funny and boy are there some funny stories but I am a person of honor so my lips are sealed ;) x

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